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Conferences & Events

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Rendezvous & Proximity Operations Workshop

May 14, 2024

Do you want to help guide the future of rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) in space? The RPO Workshop aims to unite Government, commercial, and academic entities interested in discussing RPO best practices, identifying technology gaps, and pioneering new solutions. Together, we can share knowledge, experience, and expertise about flight and developmental programs, associated technologies, and challenges to inform future missions.

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CALCON Technical Meeting

June 10–13, 2024

CALCON is designed for scientists, engineers, managers, and mission leads to discuss calibration issues pertinent to defense, research, and the environment. Topics cover calibration, characterization, and remote sensing applied within UV, VIS, IR, microwave, and SAR spectral ranges. You don’t have to be a calibration engineer to attend. Join us to learn how calibration enhances the probability of mission success and network with experts in the industry.

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Small Satellite Conference

August 3–8, 2024

Held at Utah State University, the annual Small Satellite Conference gathers Government, industry, and academia to review recent successes, explore new directions, and introduce emerging technologies in small spacecraft development.

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Next-Gen Night Out Networking Event

August 4, 2024

SDL hosts a networking session for post-degree professionals, up to age 35, who are attending the Small Satellite Conference. Meet distinguished guest panelists from across the industry, as well as representatives from sponsoring aerospace and defense organizations.

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SDL Technical Workshop

August 8–9, 2024

To foster continuity and advancement across the small satellite community, SDL hosts a workshop following the annual Small Satellite Conference. The workshop will explore how small satellite technologies can support future space architectures and provide results and lessons learned from recent missions and technology demonstrations.

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Rescue Mission MESS

November 2023–June 6, 2024

Calling all Utah college and university space and robotics aficionados!

Join us for the inaugural SpaceBot Competition, where students gain tactical experience solving today’s space engineering problems and network with professionals.

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