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Media Kit

With over 65 years of mission success, SDL is focused on serving our customers, enhancing our multi-domain capabilities, and developing leading-edge technologies.

Brand Story

The Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory has been delivering mission success since 1959. As a University Affiliated Research Center and nonprofit, SDL solves the technical challenges faced by the military, science community, and industry. We provide multi-domain capabilities including satellites, sensors and instruments, ground systems and data processing, and autonomous systems.

Our Promise

The Space Dynamics Laboratory is mission focused, customer driven, and technology enabled. Every employee is committed to earning and keeping our customers’ trust by delivering on our promises, providing high-quality products and services, developing our workforce, and continually improving.


The SPACE DYNAMICS LABORATORY is a registered trademark of the Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory. To use the SDL logo, submit a logo request and download and apply the use requirements.


SDL employees with the Thermal & Optical Research (THOR) chamber in a cleanroom.
Aerial view of SDL's North Logan, Utah, headquarters.
A view of the Tactical Endurance Remote Reconnaissance Airman (TERRA) in flight.
SDL engineer standing next to the Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) telescopes, with baffle, in a stray light test facility.
Engineers in cleanroom suits posing with the American flag.
Engineers work on the assembly of the SunRISE space vehicle with the solar array deployed.

B-Roll Video

SDL External Campus B-Roll video.
SDL Cleanroom B-Roll video.
SDL Labs & Chambers B-Roll video.