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Calibration & Characterization

E/O Instrument Calibration, Verification & Validation

SDL has a long history of performing electro-optical testing, characterization, and calibration, assuring E/O instruments meet performance requirements and providing the means to create accurate scientific and strategic information from instrument measurements.

SDL’s engineers are known for their expertise in providing end-to-end calibration services to measure full system performance. Our experience includes component-level performance verification, subassembly performance verification, and instrument-level verification, validation, and calibration. We are recognized for our test capabilities, facilities, equipment, and for providing instrument-specific calibration under flight-like conditions.

SDL performs spectral, spatial, radiometric, and temporal calibration in the near-UV through far-IR wavelengths. The Lab is specifically recognized for our spectral response calibration, stray light modeling, and stray light measurement capabilities. Our team works with customers to plan, prepare, and execute E/O sensor calibration optimized for the mission’s needs.