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Autonomous & Intelligent Systems

SDL provides innovative and leading-edge autonomous systems and enabling technologies, including UAS, C-UAS, and software for formation flying and sensor control.

UAS & Counter-UAS

SDL develops high-performance UAS and C-UAS systems that are further enabled by AI/ML, and provides manned surrogate UAS platforms for comprehensive flight testing. SDL is uniquely equipped to provide flight test support due to our aircraft, pilots, support facilities, and ready access to test range sites for controlled and civilian airspace.

Formation Flying Software

SDL develops software solutions that enable autonomous flight control for platforms in multiple domains, including UAS and satellites. We tailor solutions to mission objectives and specialize in path/pass planning, custom navigation filters, constellation management, cluster flight safety, and rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking. We leverage the latest advancements in AI/ML for optimum flight autonomy.

Autonomous Sensor Control

SDL develops elegant autonomous payload control solutions for a variety of applications. We specialize in distributed data processing, sensor management, multi-sensor fusion, application of AI/ML, communication management, and task scheduling.