Small Satellite Radio Communications

With the increase in industry and Government-funded small satellites missions, the small satellite community needs a more robust and flexible communication infrastructure. As part of the solution, SDL provides a variety of flight and ground station radios as powerful communications tools ideal for small satellites. SDL can provide radio communication tools for both deep space and LEO missions.

Iris is a radio specifically designed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for high-reliability missions with orbits from beyond LEO to interplanetary. Iris was designed from the ground up with fault-tolerant features and space-grade components. It is software-configurable to meet a wide range of mission needs and has validated compatibility with NASA’s deep space network.

SDL’s Cadet UHF and S-band radio solutions are ideal for low-cost LEO CubeSat and micro satellite missions. The Cadet U (UHF up and down) and Cadet PLUS (UHF U and S-band down) have exceptionally low power consumption, efficient power transmittance, and high data downlink speeds that make them ideal for missions with SWaP challenges. Cadet radios have validated compatibility with the NASA Wallops flight facility ground station and the MC3 ground station.