Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer

WISE launched on December 14, 2009. WISE is a highly sensitive astronomical telescope that surveyed the entire sky in four mid-infrared bands spanning from 2.6 to 26 microns. WISE cataloged hundreds of millions of astronomical objects, comprising many asteroids (several hundred of which are located near Earth), brown dwarf stars (including some of the closest stars to our Sun), and ultra-luminous infrared galaxies. In the course of its mission, WISE mapped the entire sky twice.

Under contract to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), SDL designed, built, tested, and calibrated the WISE science instrument. Following delivery of the payload, SDL provided support for instrument‐spacecraft integration, pre‐launch operations, and on‐orbit operations throughout the mission.

JPL placed WISE in hibernation in 2011 after its primary mission and reactivated it in September 2013 under the name NEOWISE. The NEOWISE mission builds on the work of WISE by identifying and characterizing the population of near-Earth objects (NEOs).