Shared Reconnaissance Pod

SHARP is an advanced day/night and all-weather reconnaissance pod used by the U.S. Navy for tactical manned airborne reconnaissance on the F/A-18F. SHARP houses a dual-band EO/IR sensor capable of delivering very high resolution tactical reconnaissance imagery. SHARP performs real-time NITF 2.1 image formation and JPEG compression using SDL’s Advanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware (ARCH). SHARP is also capable of data linking the recorded images to a receiving ground station for immediate exploitation and use. The SHARP system replaced the Navy’s previous manned reconnaissance system, Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod (TARPS).

SDL also designed and built a series of ruggedized, portable display stations as an F/A-18 squadron-level asset for use with the SHARP system. The SHARP Display Station (SDS) was developed for use in aircrew training, mission results validation, target verification, and on-site maintenance assistance. SDS enables rapid screening of real-time or stored digital tactical image data.