Squadron Hi–Vis Advanced Reconnaissance Computer

SHARC is a portable ground station for the rapid screening of Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System (ATARS) visible, infrared, and radar imagery data. The ground station is built entirely from commercial off–the–shelf hardware and includes custom image processing and manipulation software.

It can receive and process data from a solid–state recorder (SSR), DVD, CD, tape, and hard drive, and provides a STANAG 4575 compliant interface to the ATARS SSR—the BAE Removable Memory Module (RMM).

SHARC was developed as an F/A–18 squadron–level asset to screen ATARS data, but customizable to support data from multiple sensor formats, including other single– and multi–band electro–optical/infrared (EO/IR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and hyperspectral (HSI). SHARC can be upgraded to support live data downlink via common data link (CDL) format.