Precision Weapons Platform

The Precision Weapons Platform (PWP) is a lightweight turret that SDL developed for the Army's Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD) as part of the Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System (ARSS). SDL also developed the operator's station and the algorithms and software to control the PWP.

The system was originally intended to be an armament option for unmanned rotary‐winged aircraft under the ARSS program. It was successfully demonstrated on a manned surrogate aircraft (UH-1 helicopter), engaging targets out to 1000 meters.

Recently, PWP has been generating interest as a force-protection option to be mounted on towers currently deployed in theater. SDL's TowerHawk PWP integrates EO/IR sensors, range finders, and crosswind sensors. Its inertial control and pointing system provides users with a very stable, remotely-operated weapon. Centimeter-level absolute position knowledge and milliradian-level absolute orientation knowledge are achieved by processing IMU, GPS, and heading measurements.

SDL's Remote Door Gunner (RDG) system links the two UH-60 Blackhawk M240/M134 door gunner stations for remote operation from inside the aircraft. As with the ARSS and TowerHawk applications, weapon hit probability is improved while simultaneously enabling one crew member to control either weapon station from the relative safety of the aircraft cabin.

Through development of PWP technologies, SDL is accelerating the U.S. Army's goal of supplying the warfighter with relevant platform‐independent technologies.