Ogden Data Device – Ethernet Crypto

Due to the impending loss of support within the Windows operating system of the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) architecture, US Air Force mission planners were facing obsolescence of the MicroCID device which is used for reading and writing the data cartridges for the F-16, F-22, A-10, B-52 and other aircraft. The USAF partnered with SDL to develop a MicroCID replacement known as the Ogden Data Device-Ethernet Crypto (ODD-EC). The ODD-EC is a low-cost, Ethernet-connected device that is capable of reconfiguring itself for various cartridge types, has significantly improved data throughput, and has enhanced cartridge diagnostic and maintenance capability. With the Government-owned technical data, the USAF can procure and distribute ODD-ECs world-wide, resulting in continued mission support with substantial time and cost savings.

With the success of the ODD-EC Air Force, SDL was approached by the Navy for a replacement of their SCSI-based MicroMID device. The result was the development of ODD-EC Navy which is capable of self-reconfiguring to support both their DTM and pDTM cartridges. The ODD-EC Navy device uses Ethernet connectivity and low-cost production methodologies resulting in another successful development and deployment of critical mission planning hardware.