Discriminating Interceptor Technology Program

SDL supported the BMDO-sponsored Discriminating Interceptor Technology Program (DITP) through development and delivery of a flight cryostat assembly (FCA) and housekeeping and control electronics.

The ultra-low-mass FCA is capable of cooling advanced focal plane assemblies to ~30 Kelvin. The system incorporates a cryogen tank that is suspended on Kevlar strands to virtually eliminate conductive heat loads. The tank holds 0.33 liters of liquid neon, affording the system an eight hour hold time. The focal plane assembly is also suspended on Kevlar strands to maintain optical alignment between room temperature and cryogenic temperatures. The entire FCA weighs less than 2 kg.

The overall goal of the DITP effort was to develop and demonstrate, in laboratory tests and low-cost flight tests, the technologies necessary to enhance and enable current and future interceptor discriminator/seeker systems.