Dual-mode Experiment on Bowshock Interactions

The ONR-sponsored DEBI sounding rocket launched from Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia in June 2003. DEBI’s primary program objective was the investigation of physical processes related to optical emissions from shock-heated air in front of a high-velocity (3.5 km/sec) vehicle.

SDL designed and fabricated the liquid-nitrogen cooled payload, which included structures, thermal control, power, telemetry, command and data handling, and the payload fairing. SDL was also responsible for the Malemute launch vehicle interface, sensor package interface, and ground segment interface.

The data captured by DEBI supports research on UV and IR bowshock interactions, furthering the understanding of chemistry associated with hypersonic flight in hit-to-kill applications within Earth's atmosphere. This aids in the design of sensor systems that will be effective under real flight conditions.