Cruise Missile Real-Time Retargeting

SDL worked with the Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake to develop ladar system simulation software for their CMRTR Program. The software incorporates performance-related parameters associated with the laser, detector, signal processing, scanner dynamics, platform dynamics, navigation errors, and scene properties. Various scenes and targets can be simulated and flight path trajectories specified. Outputs can be used to evaluate system performance including range error, detection probabilities and false alarm probabilities. These data sets are also being used for the analysis of automatic target recognition. Capabilities include:

  • Validation of ladar simulation models against CMRTR test flight data sets
  • Modeling complex targets and clutter phenomenology
  • Prediction of sensor performance in maneuvers over complex terrain
  • Fusing EO and ladar data at the pixel level to improve automatic target recognition performance
  • Exploitation of ladar data for precision terrain aided navigation