SDL’s comprehensive air quality monitoring system, Aglite, is a cost-effective, vehicle-portable, rugged remote sensing system designed to help agricultural operation owners maintain their operations within the regulatory standards for pollution and understand what changes they can make to improve air quality in their communities. Animal production operations produce harmful emissions (e.g., particles, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous oxides) that can negatively impact human health, property values, and the environment. Aglite tracks and characterizes these pollutants on a whole facility basis in order to aid in their reduction.

The Aglite system includes a scanning 3-color lidar for measuring particles, a Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) remote open path sensing system for measuring gases, and an array of calibrated point sensors to calibrate the lidar and the FTS. The combination enables development of near real time, 3D mapping of particulates and gases fluxes that are being transported off the facility. These measurements extend sampling locations to heights and locations that could not be reached by point sensors alone. The data collected using Aglite enable verification that point source measurements are scalable to the whole facility and include sources missed by point sensors as well as fugitive sources generated by support activities.

The SDL team has used Aglite to perform measurement experiments at a naturally ventilated swine finishing facility; a multiple, diffuse source dairy; an almond harvesting operation; and a cotton gin.