Advanced Data Transfer Equipment

The Advanced Data Transfer Equipment (ADTE) is a data support system for digital terrain systems, digital moving maps, and solid-state video recording for F-16 aircraft. The ADTE system supports the Advanced Data Transfer Unit (ADTU), the data managing receptacle in the aircraft that receives the Advanced Data Transfer Cartridge (ADTC).

To aid the Air Force in their aircraft maintenance and sustainment activities, SDL re-engineered the circuit card assemblies of the ADTU to develop an Acceptance Test Specification (ATS) and Interface Test Adapter (ITA) hardware for the cards.

SDL supported the Air Force in their software development and integration efforts to complete the ADTU Test Program Set.

SDL’s delivery included the ATS and a complete data package for the test hardware which included ITA board schematics, gerber files, bill of materials, mechanical drawings, and a technical order-format ADTU ITA Operation and Maintenance Instruction manual.