USU Collaborative Research

SDL, a unit of the Utah State University Research Foundation, is headquartered near the Utah State University (USU) campus, enabling partnerships with world class researchers in key technical areas.

SDL works closely with USU faculty to transition basic research topics and collaborates with numerous other research universities around the country. SDL’s research in conjunction with universities can take place under ITAR and security restrictions as required by customer needs.


The following list indicates some of the areas in which we maintain strong capabilities in basic research.


  • Electro-optical instrument design and test
  • Space weather science and instrumentation
  • Cold atom inertial sensors
  • Small satellite bus design and test
  • Spacecraft GN&C
  • Hybrid propulsion systems


  • Modular open systems architecture
  • Autonomous routing/planning
  • Cyber-physical systems/security
  • Formation flying/control

Fundamental Engineering Sciences

  • Thermal sciences and thermo physical Properties
  • Experimental solid mechanics
  • Composite structures, advanced materials
  • Computational fluid dynamics

Computer Engineering Sciences

  • High speed data transmission systems and network applications
  • Data compression, analysis, and database development
  • Image processing/calibration
  • Microprocessor design, VLSI systems, analog microelectronics
  • Wireless networking
  • Computational geometry

Other Technologies

  • Multipurpose/function antennas design
  • Lidar systems
  • Reconfigurable antennas
  • Signal processing, algorithms, radio astronomy
  • Power electronics, electric cars