Micro-Lada Kit

The reusable chambers come equipped with everything needed to conduct plant growth studies.

The Micro-Lada kit includes:

  • A reusable case
  • Vegetation tray
  • Soil substrate (almost identical to the substrate used in Lada, but with added fertilizer)
  • A packet of peas (the same peas that are grown on the ISS in Lada)
  • A grow light and reflector
  • Software for recording growth data
  • Set-up instructions

Instructional Videos

The Micro-Lada instructional videos were created to help better understand the Micro-Lada kit parts as well as assist in settting up your Micro-Lada growth chamber. The are provided in English and Russian.

Micro-Lada set up (English)

Parts list (English)

Micro-Lada set up (Russian)

Parts list (Russian)