Space ISAC opens general membership

May 1, 2020 | The Colorado Springs Business Journal

The Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center is accepting general membership applications starting today, the first day of National Space Month.

The Space ISAC, the nation’s only space-dedicated information sharing and analysis center, is based at the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs. It was unveiled in April 2019 during a classified session at the 35th Space Symposium.

In today’s announcement, the Space ISAC encouraged potential new members to visit to start the application process.

“Today as we open the Space ISAC to general membership, we are opening access for the entire global space community to share threats with one another to mitigate risks to missions, including future launches, cloud computing systems, satellite communications, supply chain and business systems,” said Erin Miller, VP of operations for Space ISAC at the NCC.

“The risks facing the space industry’s growth are numerous, so sharing best practices and benchmarking will revolutionize our ability to travel to the moon, to Mars, communicate using 5G and 6G networks and maintain our geolocation services.”

Organizations eligible for membership are those involved in space situational awareness; space intelligence, surveillance, and recon; space environment; NUDET detection; space mission systems; satellite design and development; satellite and payload integration; positioning, navigation, and timing; satellite communications; missile warning; space lift; cloud and data processing; launch vehicle manufacturing; ground systems; and/or cybersecurity.

Potential members will be vetted to ensure organizational integrity and protect the trusted sharing environment, Space ISAC said.

Together, members will lead the global space community to identify and respond to threats and mitigate risks to the space mission, the Space ISAC’s announcement said. They’ll work to protect the space sector and reduce operational costs by sharing threat intel, analyzing trends, running workshops and gaining firsthand knowledge through training.

David Weissmiller, chair of the Space ISAC Member and Benefits Committee and director of Parsons Space Solutions, welcomed applications from new members.

“Our team has been diligently working to bring you the first industry-led, collaboration-driven, threat analysis organization of its kind,” Weismiller said. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to share lessons learned, receive threat analysis feedback from government stakeholders and represent your company as a space industry leader.

“If you are in the space community, you should be a part of the Space ISAC. This includes space launch, satellite command and control, space support, cyber security and all other space market sectors. Come visit our website and let our staff answer your questions. I look forward to talking with you in the future.”

Once through the application and vetting process, Space ISAC said members will have:

  • Access to a global network of space sector leaders, analysts, executives and practitioners from the private and public sectors to share critical information and best practices.
  • Intelligence: By the end of Summer 2020, Space ISAC will launch its threat-sharing and analysis portal to enable sharing of critical cyber intelligence, alerts, indicators, member insights, threat assessments and analysis among its members and trusted sources.
  • Collaboration across the global space industry to enhance preparedness and response to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats and to disseminate timely and actionable information among member entities.
  • Assistance, offering members opportunities to learn and strengthen space mission performance despite the potential ongoing occurrence of cyber and physical attacks.
  • Resources including workshops, an annual summit, meetings, webinars and working groups and open lines of communication with the global space community.

The Space ISAC is possible thanks to investment by its board and founding members. Its board, which held its third meeting in March, comprises leaders in the space industry, cybersecurity sector, academia, and federally funded research and development centers, including Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, MITRE, SES, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Parsons Corporation, Purdue University, the Space Dynamics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the Aerospace Corporation, and UCCS.

The Business Journal reported April 27 that the Space ISAC is set to expand its footprint next year, with the construction of a Cyber Vulnerability Lab and a Watch Center, covering 7,000 square feet in its space at the NCC.

That’s part of a larger buildout at the sprawling facility that houses the NCC, Space ISAC and Exponential Impact, funded by a $2.75 million U.S. Economic Development Administration grant and matching funds, announced Monday.

Visit the new Space ISAC website at