Division of Space Dynamics Lab in line for new digs

By Kevin Opsahl
The Herald Journal
January 6, 2013

A concept drawing of the planned new building that will house a division of the Space Dynamics Laboratory.

The Space Dynamics Laboratory will see a new building in its future, which officials hope will help to alleviate overcrowding for a division of the agency responsible for developing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies.

The Utah State University Board of Trustees approved the first phase of the 60,000-square-foot, $20.2 million project during its meeting Friday.

A second phase is more than likely in the future, according to Dave Cowley, vice president for business and finance, bringing the project to a total 120,000 square feet on the Innovation Campus in North Logan.

Cowley told Trustees that three of the four buildings that house the division are being leased and “barely meet the program’s needs.”

“In spite of the challenges at the federal level, the Space Dynamics Lab is doing a really great job, and we’ve seen even more work from them,” Cowley told Trustees. “They’re able to get things done on time, on budget with high quality. They have expanded to just about every available space on the Innovation Campus ... and they need 60,000 square feet of additional space immediately to be honest with you. If that’s not available, they will look elsewhere in Cache Valley.”

The facility will house the C4ISR Systems (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Division — made up of 140 SDL employees — which is currently spread out in four separate buildings. It will include offices, electronics and computer testing laboratories.

The first of two phases is scheduled to be completed and ready for occupation approximately 12 to 18 months after the ground breaking, said Eric Warren, director of public relations for the USU Research Foundation.

The building will be funded through USURF’s operating overhead budget, Warren said, and not through the state.

The last time the campus got a new building was in October 2010 — the USTAR (Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative) BioInnovations Building, 650 E. Grand Avenue, in North Logan. The 110-square-foot building houses several offices, including the Center for Advanced Nutrition, Veterinary Diagnostics and Infectious Disease, and the Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing Center. SDL was not involved with the USTAR BioInnovations Center.

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