USU Research Foundation VP named president

By Kim Burgess
The Herald Journal
May 27, 2010

NORTH LOGAN – Doug Lemon has been named the president of the Utah State University Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization that includes the school's well-known Space Dynamics Laboratory as well as the Energy Dynamics Lab.

The appointment continues Lemon's long relationship with SDL, where he worked as a USU student during the 1970s before returning in 2008 to serve as director. Most recently, Lemon has been USURF's executive vice president and director of laboratories.

Oren Phillips, USURF's interim president and the chairman of the board of trustees, called Lemon "a proven asset" who has come up with "effective strategies that strengthened our space and defense mission areas."

"As the founding director of the Energy Dynamics Laboratory, he has brought together technology and business experts to create a leadership team that is developing and deploying technologies for renewable and advanced energy systems," Phillips explained.

Asked his goals in the new position as president, Lemon says he hopes to grow USURF's business from $55 million per year to $100 million per year by 2015 and add a third lab, which would join SDL and EDL.

"I am excited about the future," he said. "We are opening up to new markets."

USURF is financially independent from USU, with revenue coming from contracts with NASA, the Department of Defense and other organizations, which pay for services like satellite design.

For instance, SDL recently worked on NASA's WISE instrument, an infrared telescope now in orbit surveying the entire sky.

"We need to get more of these major programs in house," Lemon said, explaining that SDL will soon bid on a number of projects.

At the fledgling Energy Dynamics Lab, revenues are set to rise from about $4 million this year to $8 million in 2011, according to Lemon, who said he would like that figure to reach $25 million by 2015.

Founded in 2009, EDL is focused on developing clean and unconventional fossil energy, electric transportation, and "intelligent" buildings, which use sensors to control things like lighting. EDL also does research on biofuels and wind power.

Lemon said USURF will soon hire a new director for EDL who will work to expand its business.

"We've set our sights on growth," he added. "It's a challenge, but one I think we can reach."

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