NASA Goddard Announces 2010 Contractor Excellence Award Winners

By Mark Hess / Ed Campion
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
June 22, 2010

GREENBELT, Md. — Goddard Space Flight Center Director Rob Strain today announced that the center has selected the winners for the 2010 Goddard Contractor Excellence Award. In Large Business – Service, the winner is ManTech SRS Technologies of Greenbelt, Md. In Large Business – Product, the winner is ATK, located in Magma, Utah.

In making the announcement, Strain said "The Contractor Excellence Award provides us with an opportunity to recognize those contractors who make a substantial contribution to the mission of Goddard and who are committed to the philosophy of continuous improvement as evidenced by their business practices."

To be considered for the award, applicants are asked to provide evidence of contract performance and customer satisfaction, meeting schedules, controlling costs, quality and productivity improvements, management commitment to continuous improvement, human resource utilization and strategic planning and long term research and development.

The winners of this year's award were chosen because of their outstanding continuous improvement efforts and contributions to Goddard's mission.

Other finalists for the 2010 Goddard award are: MEI Technologies, Inc (Seabrook, Md.), Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems Mission Operations & Services (Riverdale, Md.), Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, (Denver, Colo.), Space Dynamics Laboratory (Logan, Utah), and ETA Global, Inc. (Palestine, Texas).

Strain added, "I want to congratulate these companies on being selected. Their commitment to excellence and outstanding technical and management achievements in quality and performance are vital to the mission of Goddard."