Space Dynamics Laboratory Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation

By Eric Warren
Utah State University Research Foundation
March 31, 2009

NORTH LOGAN, Utah—Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) is celebrating its 50th year of providing world class, space‐based and terrestrial solutions for commercial, civil and defense customers.

“The 50th anniversary of Space Dynamics Laboratory is a significant achievement for this institution, for our customers, and for the entire space community,” said Dr. Doug Lemon, director of Space Dynamics Laboratory. “For half a century, the men and women of this lab have provided clients with capabilities in space‐based, passive infrared sensor system design, development, calibration, performance evaluation and simulation, and real‐time, tactical data processing and display systems. We continuously renew our capabilities and grow our business through technology innovation and by expanding our presence in the full lifecycle of our clients’ programs.”

SDL began with a group of engineers and scientists who led a series of experiments using German V‐2 rockets following World War II. These experiments, which measured electron density in the upper atmosphere, paved the way for what has become one of the world’s leading research and development institutions devoted to the advancement of scientific and defense objectives. Researching, developing and characterizing sensor, electronic, and software systems; providing program lifecycle support; and enhancing the education and development of scientists and engineers is the mission of SDL that grew from those first experiments.

SDL continues to be recognized for contributions in support of space and Earth science, national security and intelligence programs. SDL produces systems for electro‐optical remote sensing, atmospheric research instrumentation, groundbreaking small satellite technologies, sensor calibration and test, data exploitation products, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions.

SDL, a unit of the Utah State University Research Foundation, is a nonprofit research corporation owned by Utah State University. As a leading university‐affiliated applied research and engineering laboratory for aerospace, climate and defense applications, SDL employs more than 400 dedicated professionals located in North Logan, Colorado Springs, Colo., Los Angeles, Albuquerque, N.Mex., Washington, D.C., Huntsville, Ala., Bedford, Mass., and Houston.