The Space Show Broadcast 1192 (Special Edition)

The Space Show
July 17, 2008

Guests: Dr. Douglas K. Lemon, Dr. Pat Patterson
Topics: SmallSat Conference, Space Dynamics Lab, academic outreach for satellites, commercial satellite programs

Dr. Pat Patterson returned to The Space Show with the new Director of the Space Dynamics Lab (SDL) at Utah State University, Dr. Douglas Lemon, to discuss the upcoming SmallSat Conference in Logan, Utah from August 10‐13, 2009. Our guests took us through the jammed packed agenda for this year's SmallSat Conference, they explained the student scholarship awards programs and papers, and we talked at length about the SDL and several of its existing and new programs. The theme for this year's conference is Element of New Space Systems and you will hear how the conference addresses this theme and integrates the subject into small satellites, advanced technology, and much more. As this conference is now 23 years old, we also took a glimpse through history with our guests to see what was going on with small satellites and the fledgling industry when the first SmallSat Conference was held. Listen to what the conference was like back then with the 100 or so attending and compare and contrast that to what the conference will be like this year. Our guests elaborated on the important social and networking aspects of the conference, and the company dinners/parties that they host. Dr. Patterson let us know about the keynote conference speaker, Lt. General Kevin T. Campbell, Commanding General USDASMDC/ARSTRAT. Dr. Lemon talked in detail about the SDL, explained its relationship to Utah State and the conference, the student employees, and the new program with the University of Arizona in Tucson. You can find out more information about the SDL by visiting‐noflash.html. Listeners asked several questions including asking for the definition of a small satellite as well as a cubesat. Listen to their definitions as definitions for all sizes of satellites. Pat talked about the online registration, hotel space in Logan, and the different conference rates for those attending, including students and those coming just for a day. You can find out all you want about the conference, the daily agenda, the side programs both before and after the main conference, all by visiting If you have comments or questions for our two guests, please send them to me at Conference questions can be directed through the website to the contacts page at

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The Space Show Broadcast 1192 (Special Edition)

About our guests...

Dr. Douglas K. Lemon

Dr. Lemon is currently the Director of the Space Dynamic Lab at Utah State University. He is strengthening the organization’s focus on science and innovation coupled with stronger partnering with clients from technology innovation through solution implementation. He has led development of next‐generation solutions for clients working in space, aerospace, intelligence, national defense and homeland security. His technical and programmatic work has focused on advance methods and applications of satellite and aerial image processing, ultrasonic measurements and other advanced electronic systems. In previous positions with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), he established the scientific and technical direction for three thrust areas at PNNL that led to production expansion, market diversification and greater mission impact in defense, homeland security and intelligence. As president and CEO of a small business, he facilitated development of new image processing methods and advanced GPS guidance systems. Throughout his career, he has provided guidance and input in development of instrumentation for electro‐optic and ultrasonic measurements, millimeter wave imaging, other custom instrumentation, an acoustic monitoring system for detection of meteoroid impact to the U.S. Space Station, inspections systems for rocket motor components and a high temperature ultrasonic sensor.

Dr. Pat Patterson

Dr. Patterson is currently the Director of the Technology Innovation Division within Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory (USU/SDL), and is the Chairman of the annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites. He has also held positions as the Director of the Innovative Science and Engineering Division as well as the Director of Business Development at USU/SDL. In his 20 years of space experience he has been involved in the research, operations, and management associated with space based infrared sensors, small spacecraft and sounding rockets. His doctoral research was based on the rocket flights of the CODA I and II science missions, where he investigated the effects of disturbances caused by sounding rockets on the measurement of atomic oxygen using the resonant fluorescence technique in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere.

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