The Space Show Broadcast 983 (Special Edition)

The Space Show
July 17, 2008

Guest: Dr. Pat Patterson

Guest: Dr. Pat Patterson returned to The Space Show to discuss this year's SmallSat conference from August 11-14 in Logan, Utah ( Dr. Patterson started out with a general description of the conference and provided us with an update with what is new from last year's conference. We then addressed the programming, specifically the keynote speak from ATK Systems, plus the panels, the audience participation programs, the award opportunities for students and much more. The student prize offers $5,000 to $10,000 payable directly to the student and listen to the show to hear what the sponsoring professor gets in return! For students interested in attending the conference, students have a special registration fee of $150. Later in the program, Quinn Young came on the show. Mr. Young is about to defend his PhD dissertation in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. As Quinn is a specialist in thermal issues for small satellites, we talked about these issues for both small satellites, cubesats, and then about full size satellites. You will certainly want to hear this discussion and the questions that came in from listeners regarding thermal issues and thermal protection for human spacecraft. Later in the show, Quinn returned to address a listener question about Utah State's model and hobby rocket programs for students for credit. Conference registration is still available, but the registration fees go up on August 4th, so now is the time to commit to attend SmallSat. One of the listener questions asked Dr. Patterson to speak to the commercial viability of SmallSats and cubesats and what the progress has been on commercial applications for these satellites from year to year. Again, this is an important discussion that you will not want to miss. The theme for this year's SmallSat Conference is "Small Satellites - Big Business." As you learn about the conference from this show, visiting the SmallSat website and certainly by attending this conference, you will understand that there is big business associated with this developing industry. In fact, as discussed with Dr. Patterson, over 60 exhibitors are signed up and many are on the front lines of developing very real commercial SmallSat businesses. In addition, Pat reminded us of the student job recruiting possibilities and opportunities that take place at SmallSat as well as the networking opportunities for everyone. For further information about the conference, please visit Pat suggested contacting Jaimie Kandler for conference information. If you have a question or comment for Dr. Patterson, please email him directly at

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The Space Show Broadcast 983 (Special Edition)

About our guest...

Dr. Pat Patterson
Dr. Pat Patterson is currently the manager of the Small Satellite and Associated Technologies group within Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory (USU/SDL), and is the Chairman of the annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites. He has also held positions as the Director of the Innovative Science and Engineering Division as well as the Director of Business Development at USU/SDL. He also served on the AIAA Space Systems Technical Committee for a three year term. Since the early 1990¬ís he has been involved in research, operations, and management associated with small spacecraft and sounding rockets. The research for his Ph.D. dissertation was done based on data collected during the flights of the Coupling of Dynamics and Aurora (CODA) I and II missions. His doctoral research investigated the effects of disturbances caused by sounding rockets on the measurement of atomic oxygen using the resonant fluorescence technique in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere.

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