$2.5 million earmarked for university

By Tyler Riggs
The Herald Journal
Spetember 23, 2004

The Senate Appropriations Committee has endorsed more than $13 million requested by Utah Republican Bob Bennett for economic development projects throughout the state, including $2.5 million for Utah State University.

The portion of Bennett's request earmarked for USU includes $1 million for the Calibration Laboratory at the Space Dynamics Lab, $1 million for the Digital Image Archive and Processing Center, and $500,000 for continued monitoring and assessment activities related to freshwater ecosystems.

Alan Thurgood, calibration test and evaluation division director for the Space Dynamics Lab, said the money would be very beneficial to the lab if it is approved by the full Senate.

Thurgood said the money would be used to improve equipment to allow his facility to perform testing on infrared instruments more effectively.

"If people believe our calibrations, that tends to help us win competitions to win instruments to build for different government customers," Thurgood said. "It's a significant help for us."

The $1 million set aside for the Digital Image Archive and Processing Center would go toward improved services. The center collects, archives, processes and disseminates satellite imagery, making the images accessible to participating state and federal land management agencies.

Logan city would also see benefit from Bennett's request, with $400,000 set aside for water infrastructure and sewer improvements.

Upon approval by the full Senate, Bennett's request would be reconciled with the House version of the spending bill in a House-Senate conference.

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