Space Program Needs Kids Interested in Science

KSL News
June 17, 2004

Universities are worried about who will fill the void with so many senior scientists in the space program approaching retirement age.

Employees at Utah State University's Space Dynamics Lab hosted about 150 kids today, trying to rekindle their interest in the sciences. Harry Ames says young people with fresh, creative minds need to be prepared to step into the shoes of an aging scientific community.

Harry Ames, Deputy Director, Space Dynamics Lab: "We're pooped, simple as that. And we need to find some young folks to start filling our roles in this business. It's critical."

Ames hopes organized events like this one will catch on in space and engineering labs across the country. Too many young people view technology positions with the government now as dead-end careers.

Ames says we need to change that perception with some new enticements.

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