Software Engineer II Hired at Space Dynamics Laboratory

April 1, 2002

Rex BarzeeThe Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) is pleased to announce the hiring of Rex A. Barzee as Software Engineer II. He is currently working on the Navy Input Station (NAVIS). He has the responsibility of developing software that will allow Lockheed Martin's situational awareness processor to communicate with SDL's Screener Processor Element.

Barzee brings nearly 10 years experience as a software engineer to SDL. He previously worked for Hewlett-Packard, where he worked on a team that developed HP's implementation of OpenGL, a 3-D computer graphics library. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from Brigham Young University. Barzee currently holds one patent with one pending.

SDL is under contract with the Navy Research Laboratory in the development of NAVIS, the newest real-time airborne tactical reconnaissance imagery and display system. These SDL-developed technologies will be used on US military fighter jets and US aircraft carriers.