Radiometric Calibration Engineer hired at Space Dynamics Lab

January 16, 2002

The Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) is pleased to announce the hiring of Gregory W. Cantwell as a Radiometric Calibration Engineer. He is currently working on the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS) calibration team in characterizing the GIFTS infrared interferometer. He has the responsibility of performing trade-offs with sensor engineers to develop

Cantwell previously worked for SDL as a Research Assistant and student Electrical Engineer since July 1998. He received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University (USU) and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering at USU.

GIFTS is a program that studies the Earth's atmospheric weather. The purpose is to make substantial improvements in observational capability and forecast accuracy. SDL has made breakthroughs in cryogenic cooling and sensor calibration and provided a sensor package with test and support services.