SDL and Utah State Host Small Satellite Conference

July 18, 2001

LOGAN — Individuals from "space" will be invading Logan as the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) and Utah State University host the Fifteenth Annual Conference on Small

Over 500 engineers, college students, government agency representatives and aerospace engineering industry leaders from around the globe will attend the conference.

"On average, we have representatives from 12 to 15 different countries," said Frank Redd, Conference Chair and Deputy Director of SDL.

The conference, which is co-sponsored by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), has been a huge success in Logan and is the only small satellite conference held worldwide. According to Redd, this is due to its uniqueness and the atmosphere of USU and Logan.

"Most conferences are held at hotels in big cities," Redd said. "Logan is such a beautiful place -it is different from those venues."

Another difference is that the conference combines the technical, educational and commercial aspect of the industry into one location. This provides an opening for exhibitors to obtain contacts within the industry, for the industry leaders to present their research findings and for students to network and gain leads for job opportunities.

"We put together a good mix of the technical aspects and commercial contacts such that all parties consider the conference to be the one to attend."

The quality of the conference is reflected in the technical sessions. Only half of the 130 papers submitted this year were selected for presentation. College engineering students also submit technical papers to compete for $18,000 in scholarship funds donated by participating aerospace firms.

Conference exhibitors include government agencies and top aerospace corporations including NASA, Boeing, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman, Spectrum Astro, Thiokol and over 50 others.

Another unique aspect of the conference according to Redd is the entertainment. An opening social will be held at SDL where participant will be able to race remote controlled boats across the pond and listen to music from a local band. "Munch and Mingle" Luncheons and a formal awards banquet are other conference highlights.