The Space Dynamics Lab Honors Graduating Seniors

April 20, 2001

LOGAN, UT — Graduation impacts universities in many ways. For the Utah State University (USU) Research Foundation and Space Dynamics Lab (SDL) it means saying goodbye to 36 excellent employees.

"I'm an absolute believer in the value of students," said Dave Norton, CEO of the USU Research Foundation. "They are some of the most highly qualified and motivated individuals."

Heather Allen trains Justin NeilsonThis year SDL and the USU Research Foundation are honoring 11 graduate students and 25 undergraduates who completed their education this spring at USU. Some of the students will be applying for professional jobs inside the organization, while others will be moving on to other opportunities.

"The experience I have gained while working here and attending USU has provided me with valuable skills that I can use as I enter my professional career," said Heather Allen an intern at SDL.

Of 330 employees at SDL and the USU Research Foundation, 96 are students. These students fill internships and jobs in a variety of areas such as receptionist, accounting clerk, technical writer, technician, and engineering assistant.

"Students are fundamental to our success," said Norton. "We rely on them to fill 30 percent of technical and non-technical positions."

As the graduates leave, opportunities will be opened for other students to gain employment through the organization. The positions are posted through the USU Students Employment Office and SDL's website at

SDL and the USU Research Foundation will honor their graduating seniors at the 4th annual Graduate Appreciation Luncheon to be held April 27, 2001 at the Coppermill restaurant.