Dave Morse Honored Thirty Years of Service at SDL

April 1, 2001

Dave MorseThe Space Dynamics Lab (SDL) and Utah State University Research Foundation was very pleased to honor David Morse as he was presented with a 30-year service

Morse was hired in July 1970 as an engineer for Electro Dynamics Laboratory the precursor to Space Dynamics Laboratory. He has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Weber State, an Electronics Technologies Certificate from Idaho State and a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University.

Over his 30-years of employment, Morse has been involved with several projects at SDL. One such project, the Cryogenic Infrared Radiance Instrumentation for Shuttle (CIRRIS 1A) was, as he explained, the "highlight of his professional career." He designed the radiometer control electronic and followed it through the final stages of preparing it for flight.

The CIRRIS 1A was successfully flown on STS-39, in April of 1991, during which Morse assisted the astronauts from the ground at the Johnson Space Flight Center. He likened the experience to being a member of the team that has won the Super Bowl or NBA championship.

SDL, a not-for-profit research corporation owned by Utah State University, has been in operation for over 40-years. Allan Steed, director of SDL commented that having long-term stability from SDL employees is one of our outstanding qualities. He went on to say that the success of SDL comes from people like Dave.

"We enjoy our association with Dave and appreciate all of his efforts over the years," Steed said.