EO/IR Calibration and Characterization Workshop

March 18-20, 2008
Tucson, Arizona

Presenters from government, industry and academia discussed the importance and potential of a united effort to improve and standardize measurements and data formats within the EO/IR community. Participants benefitted from presentations on current calibration and characterization activities and lessons learned, while also taking part in focused breakout sessions that addressed specific issues of interest to the community. The breakout sessions fostered open discussion and provided participants with the opportunity to share ideas and explore possibilities, as well as contribute to the development of a roadmap based on broad community input.

Workshop topics included the following:

  • Previous and current efforts in implementing measurement range calibration, characterization, and certification programs
  • Defining appropriate objectives for community activities
  • Exploring the spectrum between best practices and range certification
  • Developing an EO/IR documentation standard as a mechanism for capturing range measurement procedures and best practices
  • Developing and improving uncertainty analysis procedures for EO/IR measurements and their role in improving range measurements
  • Developing appropriate inter-laboratory comparison procedures for improvement of measurement facilities throughout the country
  • The use of EO/IR codes and predictions for range calibration and characterization
  • Developing benchmark targets to test EO/IR modeling and simulation codes
  • The current state of EO/IR modeling and simulation and its application to the calibration and characterization process