Electrical Power Systems (EPS) Testing

Pre-launch testing of nanosat electrical power systems requires specialized sun, solar array, and battery test simulation equipment. This testing not only reduces flight risk, but can also reduce risk of integrating systems pre-flight by fully characterizing components using flight-like simulated power sources and sinks. SDL has extensive experience testing nanosat-sized spacecraft, sub-systems, and components and our Nanosat Operation Verification and Assessment (NOVA) test facility houses test equipment designed specifically for this purpose.


  • Simulated power generation
    • Solar illuminator simulator
    • Solar array simulator
    • Battery simulator
  • Power output verification
    • Dynamic load simulator
  • Full EPS day-in-the-life testing



Dynamic Ionosphere CubeSat Experiment

Twin CubeSats mapped the geomagnetic Storm Enhanced Density (SED) plasma bulge and plume formations in Earth’s ionosphere.


Auroral Spatial Structures Probe

ASSP was designed to measure the spatial and temporal variation of the energy flow in the upper atmosphere in and around the aurora to better understand global temperature changes in the thermosphere.


HyperAngular Rainbow Polarimeter

The HARP instrument is a wide field-of-view hyperangular imaging polarimeter designed to characterize aerosol and cloud properties.


Spacecraft Platform

SDL’s Pearl spacecraft platform is a set of standard and customizable components that can be assembled into multiple mission configurations while minimizing non-recurring engineering costs and development schedules.

Various DoD Programs