Real-time, Autonomous, Synthetic Aperture Radar

RASAR is a modular, multi-band (L and X) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging sensor. It is designed for self-contained, autonomous, real-time operation with mission flexibility to support a wide range of ISR needs within the size, weight, and power constraints of Group III unmanned aircraft systems. RASAR can be integrated into a larger, multi-intelligence system of systems due to its real-time image formation processing and sensor command and control capabilities.

  • Day-night and all-weather imaging
  • Demonstrated performance in counter IED missions
  • Arbitrary waveform generation provides interference mitigation and spectrum agility
  • Wide Azimuth Beam (WAB) for diverse imaging options
  • Persistent surveillance and area survey operational modes
  • Simultaneous HH/VV polarization, quad-polarization
  • Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) capability
  • Rapid add-on capability for existing theater assets