Because of SDL’s broad range of capabilities and our understanding of complex systems, we are successful at providing cost-effective hardware solutions that solve a variety of industry challenges. SDL’s hardware solutions include ground display stations, portable work stations, network analysis tools, data storage systems, spacecraft platforms, and modular avionics systems. Many of these solutions work in conjunction with SDL’s Government-owned software products or GOTS and COTS software.

Ground Display Stations

SDL designs and builds ground stations in a variety of configurations to rapidly display digital tactical imagery to support data analysis and exploitation.


SDL designed a portable workstation to support data transfers to and from any NADSI STANAG-4575 compliant removable memory module (RMM).


SDL designed and developed hardware for high-speed network routing and analysis.

Spacecraft Platform

SDL’s spacecraft platform is a set of standard and customizable components that can be assembled into multiple mission configurations while minimizing non-recurring engineering costs and development schedules.

Sky Lynx

SDL designed and developed Sky Lynx for receiving, synchronizing, routing, and simulating sensor-collected tactical/reconnaissance imagery and navigation data. Sky Lynx supports a variety of CDL and ATM based sensors and converts the data to Gigabit Ethernet for ground station processing and viewing.

Small Satellite Radio Communications

SDL provides small satellite flight and ground station radios that are ideal for both LEO and deep space missions.