Flying Infrared Signatures Technology Aircraft

Since 1974, SDL has supported AFRL’s FISTA campaigns involving measuring and understanding of the infrared characteristics of aircraft and the detection and identification of aircraft in the infrared range from atmospheric and space-based platforms. SDL performed data measurements, instrument development, data reduction and analysis, and model development and validation. SDL developed a hyperspectral grating spectrometer and interferometer real-time digital recording system providing a complete measurement capability of both targets and backgrounds in the 2:14 µm spectral region.

SDL participated in a number of field measurement programs to collect and analyze missile and rocket plume signatures for platforms including the F16C, F22, static and in-flight rocket engines, and large commercial aircraft and equivalents. SDL provided flight planning, sensors, and crew for these tests. SDL also performed data reduction and analysis in support of signature model development. These models are used to support various methods of early missile launch detection and tracking.