Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise

The rising demand for rapid intelligence software solutions combined with limited Government funding has highlighted the need for an organized process to use resources more efficiently. The NRO and AFRL developed the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) framework as a solution to promote intelligence software asset reuse where possible.

SDL supported the DI2E initiative by developing a web-based application known as the Storefront and evaluating assets to add to it. The DI2E Storefront is an ideal repository for hosting the evaluation results of reusable software assets for the intelligence community. This open source tool, Apache License v2, is publicly available. The Storefront provides:

  • A catalog of software assets, including user reviews & ratings
  • Software asset discovery & comparison
  • Reporting & relationship visualization
  • Administrative data management tools
  • User-configured notifications
  • Usage analytics
  • Feedback for software reuse (COTS, GOTS, open source)
Component Submission, Component Preparation and Analysis, Component Evaluation, Component Tracking