Data Dissemination Element

The Data Dissemination Element (DDE) rapidly transfers data across networks with high latency. The software is a completely Government-owned solution managed by the DoD’s Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF-DCGS). The system uses industry standard algorithms along with COTS equipment to exponentially decrease transfer times and provide zero bit loss assurance for mission critical information. This enables analysts to receive data faster and make timelier decisions to enable the warfighter’s mission.

Typical network data transfers use TCP-based protocols. As network latency and packet loss increase, TCP transfer times increase due to the three-way handshakes built into the protocol. DDE overcomes this by using a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) along with a Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithm to ensure data integrity. This enables DDE to achieve 99% bandwidth usage on 1 GigE networks and 95% bandwidth usage on 10 GigE networks with zero bit loss. DDE can be tuned for 56Kbps links up to 100 Gigabit links.