Student Workforce

SDL develops tomorrow’s leaders through hands-on experience, internships, and more.

Student Hands-on Experience

SDL values education and provides hands-on experience for over 130 students, which make up approximately 20% of the workforce. Most students at SDL are pursuing engineering degrees, but we also hire a large percentage of students that fill business support roles. Many of our full-time employees began their careers as student employees.

Student Scholar Program

The Student Scholar program provides SDL student employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge and work experience, including participation in community outreach efforts. The program is managed by student employees and representatives from throughout the lab.

To be recognized as a student scholar, each student candidate must be employed for a minimum of one year, maintain a 3.0 GPA, participate in additional training specifically designed for student scholars, participate in four hours of community outreach (public tours, science fair judges and volunteers, STEM festivals, career fairs, etc.), and complete a special work-related project that enables them to expand their current experience and skill set.