Technical Lectures

The Space Dynamics Laboratory collaborates with Utah State University to provide an ongoing lecture series. It offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to hear the latest in space science engineering and technologies on-location at SDL and USU facilities.

The following is a sampling of previous lectures:

  • An Introduction to Atomic Timing and Navigation: Atoms offer the highest degree of precision in the areas of timekeeping and inertial navigation by Dr. Nahanl Lemke, Research Physicist, Dr. Gretchen Phelps, Research Physicist, and Dr. James Stickney, Research Physicist
  • Surveying the Solar System with NEOWISE by Dr. Pedro Sevilla, Electrical Engineer
  • Enabling Smart Space Systems Through Astrodynamics by Dr. Kohei Fujimoto, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer
  • Principles of Modular Open Architecture for Enabling Future Capabilities by Dr. Jacob Christensen, Software Engineer
  • Characterization of the NASA OSIRIS-REx OCAMS Detector Assemblies: A discussion on detector assembly characterization and performance by Dr. Jed J. Hancock, Optical Scientist
  • A New Imaging Era for Upper Atmospheric Research: Development of an advanced mesospheric temperature mapper by Dr. Michael J. Taylor, Physicist