SDL Signs Contract with GSA

November 25, 2003

LOGAN – Utah State University Research Foundation’s Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) signed a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) that allows our capabilities and rates to be published for all government agencies.

“There will be an increase in sales,” said Hilary Lovell, SDL contract administrator.
“It will be easier for agencies to work with us because the will not have to go through the normal contract procedures.”

GSA services provide a faster and easier way for other federal agencies to sign contracts with SDL. If a federal agency wants to sign on with SDL, GSA allows the agency to give SDL the contract directly and begin work immediately.

SDL has signed on with four of the six GSA services provided. Some of the services include strategic planning for technology programs/activities, concept development and requirement analysis, system design/engineering and integration, and test and evaluation.

The GSA contract is valid for five years, with the option of extending the contract up to a total of 20 years. The contract was signed Nov. 14 of this year. SDL already has two contracts pending through GSA.