SDL Space Cyber Workshop | UT

The 20-20 Vision of Space Mission Architectures

Held at the TS//SI/TK//NOFORN Level

COVID-19 Status
The Space Dynamics Laboratory is planning to hold the SDL Space Cyber Workshop in August 2020. SDL is monitoring credible sources for current public health updates about the virus and the risk to those attending meetings in Utah. Should circumstances change, we will provide updates on this website. Until then, we look forward to seeing attendees in August!

August 6, 2020

Attend to learn more about cyber protection and the defense of space systems and architectures. Held each August at SDL headquarters in Logan, UT, this cybersecurity workshop includes presentations from relevant Government agencies, industry, and the laboratory organizations that are working on technologies in this field.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Threat Assessment: The current and predicted future threats to space systems
  • Vulnerability Assessment: The current vulnerabilities in space systems
  • Attack Surface: A cybersecurity view into the modern space architecture
  • Cyber Defense: The emerging techniques, technologies, and tools for cyber defense of space systems

Additionally, relevant USG and Lab technical experts will brief current state-of-the-art programs. Seating is limited to 150 and registration information will be available soon.


Information coming soon.

Attendance and Registration

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    Seating is limited and not all applications will be accepted.

  3. If your application to attend the workshop is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation that a space has been reserved for you. Additional instructions regarding registration fee payment and verification will be sent at a later date.

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