Culture at SDL

Great employees doing important work

Our employees often point to the nature of our work as one of the keys to their professional satisfaction.  Working at SDL enables us to contribute to something meaningful.

SDL’s work environment is supported by excellent professional development tools, a strong sense of community, and a family-oriented organization that celebrates not only our professional relationships, but our employees’ family needs and personal interests. What do each of these areas mean to us? The following are just a few examples of what makes us a preferred employer.

Professional Development

  • Shared purpose in work that is important to our nation’s science and military communities
  • Established professional/personal development enrichment framework
  • 50% tuition break at Utah State University for employees and qualified dependents
  • Goal to provide clarity in terms of why each individual matters to the organization

Community Environment and Involvement

  • Service awards to celebrate milestone work anniversaries
  • Activities that unify the organization, including all-hands meetings, company events, refreshments, ad hoc clubs, games, and organizations
  • Long-standing corporate objective to support a wide range of community involvement and charitable endeavors
  • Support of our nation’s military by offering veterans gainful employment and an annual Veterans Day employee event

Family Oriented

  • Headquartered in Utah, which is consistently ranked as one of the top states in the nation to work, raise families, and enjoy incredible outdoor/recreational activities
  • Intent to help our employees achieve an equitable work-life balance, realizing this balance means different things to different people