Utah Retirement System

Non-Contributory Plan

New employees who were previously enrolled in the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) and wish to remain in URS may do so within 30 days of hire.

TIAA/CREF Retirement Plan

For all new employees hired after October 1, 2015, the Space Dynamics Laboratory will contribute 14.2% of your annual gross earnings to a 401(a) retirement account—above and beyond your annual salary. You designate how this contribution is invested among the TIAA and/or Fidelity Investment options.

Social Security/Medicare

(Both Exempt & Non-Exempt Staff)

SDL shares the cost of your Social Security/Medicare benefits by 6.2% of your salary up to the annual maximum of the taxable wake base for Social Security. A contribution of 1.45% is made for Medicare on all earnings. You will match these contributions by payroll deduction. Social Security provides several important benefits in the form of retirement payments, disability benefits, medical benefits under Medicare, and death benefits paid to a spouse or dependent.