Transfer Radiometers

Calibration sources must be traceable to International Standards. To ensure performance accuracy, radiometric tests and calibration of laboratory sources must be performed. SDL designs and builds custom transfer radiometers to perform these tasks.


  • Transfer radiometric calibrations between sources
  • Monitor radiance and irradiance outputs that can change due to contamination, cryo-ice, etc.
  • Verify source performance over time
  • Capabilities similar to the NIST BXR and MDXR (transfer radiometers)
  • Spectral resolution 4cm-1 (upgradable to 0.5 cm-1) in interferometer mode
  • 24 or more filters plus open positions in four filter wheels (radiometer mode)
  • Spectral range 2-30 µm


Customer Transfer Radiometers

Developed and calibrated two transfer radiometers for an external customer and have since recalibrated them.


Space Dynamics Laboratory Transfer Radiometer

SDL designed and built a transfer radiometer similar to the missile defense transfer radiometer (MDXR) at NIST.