Flight Test Support

Many programs require flight testing support in multiple environments, which can be a challenge. SDL provides ground test field support to validate and calibrate airborne sensor performance. With experience in a wide variety of environments, SDL has the know-how and expertise to ensure the right data is collected every time.


  • Field support teams
  • Optical, thermal, and radar calibration targets
  • 20’ field support trailer
  • Access to multiple testing environments:
    • Logan, Utah, area civilian airspace – valley, mountains, urban, riverine
    • Utah Test & Training Range (UTTR) Air Force controlled airspace – high desert and mountain
    • Dugway Proving Grounds (DPG) Army controlled airspace – high desert and mountain



Fusion, Exploitation, Algorithm, Targeting High-Altitude Reconnaissance

Under the FEATHAR program, SDL developed enhanced integrated multi‐intelligence sensor systems and fusion processing algorithms for multiple‐networked ISR platforms to identify, geo‐locate, and track enemy targets.


Deployable UAV System for Targeting, Exploitation, and Reconnaissance

DUSTER demonstrated SDL’s ability to control an array of dissimilar UAV platforms while simultaneously processing and exploiting their sensor data.


Rapid Processing & Display Software

SDL’s Slingshot software enables rapid, integrated development of a customized screener using standard interfaces.