Optical Component Spectral Characterization

Traditional component measurements generally do not reflect sensor operating temperature and optical conditions. To determine a sensor’s spectral response, programs usually rely on modeling, simulation, and analysis to apply corrections to component measurements. SDL has designed and fabricated test equipment to measure spectral transmittance and reflectance of optical components under temperatures and optical configurations identical to the sensor design conditions.


  • Precision infrared (IR) spectral filter characterization
    • Fourier transform IR (FTIR) source
    • Variable F# to match test requirements
    • Variable temperature filter wheel
    • Large test capacity supports high-volume production schedules
    • Contamination monitoring and analysis



Space Based Infrared System

SBIRS High is a two-tier remote sensing satellite system working with other US defense systems to provide global below- and above-the-horizon detection as well as tracking and discrimination of missiles in their boost, post-boost, midcourse and reentry phases of flight.