Weapons & High Moment of Inertia Stabilization

Weapons and other high moment of inertia payloads present unique challenges to pointing systems. Recoil from weapon systems impart significant shock loads to structural and other system elements. High moment of inertia loads create challenges in electromechanical, structural, and control system design. SDL has an established track record of overcoming these interdisciplinary problems to develop working systems.


  • Ground, airborne, and space high moment of inertia pointing systems
  • Ground and airborne weapon systems
  • Geo-referenced pointing
  • Patented technology
  • Disturbance rejection
  • Dynamic systems modeling (first principles, control systems, flexible body dynamics, ray tracing)
  • Design and analysis (MATLAB/SimuLink/Simscape/Simmechanics, ADAMS, NASTRAN)
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and development
  • Model validation (system/parameter identification)
  • Pointing and control system performance validation testing



Precision Weapons Platform

PWP is remotely-operated, state-of-the-art, lightweight stabilized pointing system.


Cryogenic Infrared Radiance Instrumentation for Shuttle

CIRRIS-1A’s goal was to obtain simultaneous spectral and spatial measurements of atmospheric emissions, including airglow and auroral phenomenology.