Volumetric Software Visualization

Conventional flat-Earth display software does not provide the third dimension aspect of complex and changing scenes relevant to environmental, atmospheric, and LIDAR analysis. SDL has developed a software suite specifically designed for volumetric scene visualization, providing an intuitive interface and powerful analysis tool.


  • Graphical user software for volumetric visualization
  • Open architecture design with plug-ins for algorithms
  • Single interface for instrument control and data handling
  • Real-time data logging, streaming, and visualization
  • 3D hardware acceleration
  • Data export as a movie for playback
  • Geo-referenced visualization with map underlays



Platform-Independent Lidar Visualization Software

LidarView is SDL’s graphical display application for visualizing, archiving, and analyzing lidar data.


Processing & Display Software

EarthView architecture provides customized screening solutions for real-time tactical imagery. The EarthView design uses a multi-INT database with a single-window 3-D display and incorporates tactical imagery with terrain elevation maps and geo-rectified national satellite imagery.


Mobile Differential Absorption Lidar

SDL’s custom-designed DIAL laser instrument and mobile laser laboratory provides in situ monitoring to detect the concentration of fugitive emissions.