Hard Target LADAR

Many science data missions and certain military applications—such as terrain mapping, landing zone characterization, and precision reconnaissance—require high-fidelity reconstruction of a 3D scene remotely or from an airborne platform. SDL understands this challenging technology and is experienced at designing, assembling, and operating precision laser detection and ranging (LADAR) instruments.


  • LADAR system design (modeling, analysis, trades, and selection)
  • Mission planning and CONOPS, flight testing
  • Data processing and visualization
  • GPS/IMU post-processing
  • 3D point cloud formation
  • Sensor alignment and calibration
  • Fine-tuning registration of overlapping datasets
  • Shoreline detection and hydro-flattening
  • Alignment and display of 3D point clouds and EO imagery
  • Applications in terrain mapping, automatic target recognition (ATR), bathymetry, detection, and autonomous landing